Bell’s Theorem and EPR

Zak and Derek discuss nothing less than the fundamental nature of reality. They start with the arguments made in the Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen paper from 1935, which were then tackled by John Bell in 1964 with Bell’s Theorem and Bell inequalities.


The original Bell paper (1964):

The original EPR paper (1935):

Bohr’s response to EPR (1935):

Bohm’s physics textbook. Specifically, page 29, and Chapter 5 section 3, and Chapter 22 Section 19. (1951):

David Mermin’s paper (1985):

David Mermin talk at Berkeley (2008):

Tim Maudlin’s talk “What Bell Did” (2014):

Bell’s Theorem in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (good historical overview):

GHZ (3-particle) experiments:

Bell’s Theorem in popular Youtube channels:
Through the Looking Glass:
MinutePhysics & 3Blue1Brown:
3Blue1Brown & MinutePhysics:
Physics Girl:

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(Note: At about 46:40, Derek says “This now gets at the Schrodinger’s Cat problem, which was a reply to the EPR and Bohm papers,” but should have said “EPR and Bohr papers”.)